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Truck Beds and Accessories
BM Truck Equipment has installed nearly any bed you can think of.  We have installed Dump beds, Utilitiy beds, Platforms, Dropsides, Solid Stakes, KANN Alluminum Grain Beds, Liftmoore Truck Cranes, and more.  From beds as complex as Crysteel's Deuce™ bed that dumps in two different directions, to your basic dump truck our technicians have worked with them all.  We can also customize your bed any way you like it. 

Some common customizations and accessories BM offers include:
  • A steel ladder built buy our technicians attached to the side of the bed for entrance and inspection of the load. 
  • A truck vibrator that can loosen wet, sticky, frozen, or stubborn material from your bed with the flip of a switch.
  • Installation of LED strobe, brake, reverse, and tail lights.

  • Thieman Tailgates - Stowaway, Railgates, Conventional Liftgates, and Sideloaders 

  • Manual and automatic roll tarps.
  • Snowplows and tailgate spreaders.    

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